Near Earth Objects include near earth asteroids NEOs and near earth object
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NASA's near earth object observations program

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This research is funded by NASA through award number NNX10AG50G

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Check out the Killer Asteroid Project  where students make observations of  Near Earth Objects using ARI images

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NASA's Near Earth Object Observations Program and the Killer Asteroid Project

The Astronomical Research Institute and the Astronomical Research Observatory is a not for profit research organization geared toward education in the field of near earth objects and near earth object observations.  Operating under NASA Near Earth Object Observation Program, Astronomical Research Observatory will image NEOs every clear night for students world-wide including near earth asteroids and bright comets.  Astronomical Research Observatory reports all observations of near earth objects to the Minor Planet Center under Observatory Code H55 and H21 using the 0.81m telescope ( 32 inch telescope ) and 0.61m telescope ( 24 inch telescope ) at the Astronomical Research Observatory.  Reports to the MPC are published in the Minor Planet Electronic Circulars ( MPEC's ) and at the NEODyS or  NEO Dynamics site at the University of Pisa in Italy.   Observatory Code H55 and H21 observations are located at this NEO website. 

Observations of NEAs ( near earth asteroids ) are important to the astronomical community to determine the potential earth impact hazard these asteroids impose.  Our goal is to make as many observations of Near Earth Objects as possible to help determine the orbits of NEAs to realistically understand the virtual impactor status of these near earth objects. 

Near Earth Asteroids, near earth objects and NEOs are not our only area of research.  Observations for the Yerkes Observatory and University of Chicago in Active Galactic Nuclei ( AGN ) research is another area we make observations in as time permits.  We also conduct narrow-passband observations of planetary nebulae in association with Dr. You-Hua Chu at the University of Illinois.

NASA's near earth object observations program includes Near Earth Objects and near earth asteroids.

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